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Understanding Depreciation, Replacement Cost, and Actual Cash Value

What's on your "hot list" to read this month? If we had to guess, we'd bet your insurance policy probably didn't make the cut. After all, it's filled with confusing terms that are intimidating to even the most seasoned reader. However, there are several important terms in your policy you should become familiar with that have the power to...

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Thursday, January 01 2017 03: 30 PM Categorized In General Tips

Earthquake Coverage: What You Need To Know

With the recent Oklahoma earthquake that rattled six neighboring states, including Missouri, many were left concerned about whether or not to purchase earthquake coverage on their insurance policy.

According to the Missouri Department of Insurance, Missouri is the third largest market for earthquake insurance among the states, exceeded only by...

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Friday, September 09 2016 10: 29 AM Categorized In General Tips

Limited on Outdoor Space? Bring your Garden Inside!

Many homeowners and renters can attest to the downsides of living in a home with little or no outdoor space - one of the biggest being that you can't grow your own garden. Instead of dwelling on your lack of yard space, grow your green thumb indoors with an herb garden in your kitchen!

With a little sunlight, water, and these tips, you can...

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Tuesday, June 06 2016 01: 00 PM Categorized In General Tips

Be A Happy Camper With These Camping Safety Tips

Whether you're roughing it in a tent or planning a family outing to a national forest, there are many ways to make sure your camping experience is both fun and safe. Consider the following camping safety tips provided by the US Forest Service before heading out on your next outdoor excursion:

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Tuesday, June 06 2016 12: 30 PM Categorized In General Tips

Set Sail With These Boating Safety Tips

Summer is officially here, and with it comes boating season! Before you jet out into the waters with your crew for some summertime fun, make sure you put safety first.

Be Weather-Wise

Before heading out into the water, play it safe and always check local weather conditions. If you notice darkening clouds, volatile, rough, and changing winds,...

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Tuesday, June 06 2016 10: 00 AM Categorized In General Tips