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Morgan Graning

Posts by Morgan Graning :

Just Grow With It: A Collection Of Lessons Learned About Successfully Adapting To Change And Staying Positive During Trying Times

By | on 16, Oct 2020 |

Life is full of seasons. And I'm not just referring to the beautifully guaranteed weather-related kind. I'm talking about the unexpected series of hours, days, months, or even years that creep in quie[...] Read More

Transform Your Property Into A Smart Home With Roost: CFM Policyholders Can Now Access FREE Smart Sensors To Prevent Devastating Claims

By | on 01, Sep 2020 |   Roost

As a 151-year-old insurance company, we have seen our fair share of claims. While many CFM policyholders have been fortunate enough to walk away from a potentially tragic situation with little propert[...] Read More

8 Surprising Scenarios That Will Make You Wish You Had Renter's Insurance

By | on 04, Aug 2020 |

Renter's insurance is the most reliable roommate you'll ever have. Why? Because it really comes in handy when you're in a jam, legal or otherwise. Yet, only 40% of renters have policies, versus 95% of[...] Read More

Insurance That Educates: Breaking Down How A Personal Umbrella Policy Works

By | on 15, Jul 2020 |   Insurance Information Personal Umbrella Insurance

New product alert: CFM Insurance now offers Personal Umbrella coverage to pair with your CFM home and auto policies! If you're even the slightest bit familiar with insurance (and we totally won't judg[...] Read More

Insurance That Educates: Breaking Down Depreciation, Actual Cash Value, And Replacement Cost Value

By | on 13, Jul 2020 |   General Tips

What's on your "hot list" to read this week? If we had to guess, we'd bet your insurance policy probably didn't make the cut. After all, it's filled with confusing terms that can be rather intimidatin[...] Read More

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