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Meet the CFM Team That Can Withstand Any Storm

Posted by Sam Kenney on 12, Jan 2024
Sam Kenney

Navigate the insurance landscape and explore the connection between agents and policyholders.

As the wind began to howl and gray clouds gathered ominously over Policyholders Parker and Penny's serene suburban home, an unspoken unease settled in the pit of their stomachs. Parker and Penny began to imagine vivid scenarios of possible perils – rain and hail relentlessly battering against windows, gusts threatening the structural integrity of their dwelling, and the ominous possibility of a lightning strike causing untold damage.

Come with us as we follow the lives of Policyholders Parker and Penny and Awesome Agent Angela. We will learn about the important relationship between agents and policyholders and how CFM's team supports you, especially during difficult times.

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Meet Policyholders Parker & Penny

2. 8203A_CFM_Meet the Policyholder_Jan BlogPolicyholders Parker and Penny are a quintessential Missourian couple whose roots run deep in the Show-Me State. They're not just homeowners but dreamers, planners, and firm believers in a community's resilience.

Parker and Penny want their home to be a place where they can fulfill their dreams and aspirations. As lifelong residents of Missouri, they understand the ebb and flow of life in this region. They have seen how Midwest weather can change quickly, with sudden storms turning a calm evening into a chaotic night.

This is where a robust insurance policy becomes important. Parker and Penny know that beyond the bricks and mortar of their home lies a realm of potential risks.

They worry about a tree branch falling on the porch in strong winds or their roof leaking when it rains. These are the things that could keep them up at night, but Parker and Penny take comfort in knowing they're not alone in this journey.

Meet Awesome Agent Angela

Enter Awesome Agent Angela – a trusted insurance agent who helps Parker and Penny with their homeowner's insurance. Agent Angela is an independent insurance agent who helps protect Parker and Penny's dreams with insurance.3. 8203A_CFM_Meet Your Awesome Agent_Jan Blog

As a local, independent agent, Angela plays a vital role in their insurance experience. She is CFM's representative and also advocates for Parker and Penny. She dedicates herself to understanding their needs and ensuring they have the right insurance that matches their goals.

Angela supports Parker and Penny during tough times, not just handling policies. She's the local expert, attuned to the specific challenges that homeowners like them face in Missouri. Angela is crucial in Parker and Penny's insurance journey, explaining policies and helping with claims.

As the storm clouds gathered above Parker and Penny's home, a sense of concern washed over them. The wind picked up, and rain began to drum on their windows. But they felt better in the storm, knowing that Angela was only a phone call away.

Your agent is more than just a name on a policy. They are there to help you through the unexpected. Knowing when to contact your insurance agent is important, especially during upcoming storms.

4. 8203A_CFM_When to Call your Agent_Jan BlogWhen Should You Contact Your Agent?
  • Claims Assistance
  • Home Upgrades & Renovations
  • Life Milestones
  • Vehicle Changes
  • Home Busines Ventures

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Your Agent, Your Neighbor

The storm had its impact felt at Parker and Penny's home. The wind, accompanied by hail, had left its mark on their roof. As they surveyed the damage, the immediate concern for their home's well-being weighed heavy on them. During this crisis, Parker and Penny quickly contacted their trusted ally, Awesome Agent Angela.

Without hesitation, they dialed Angela's number. A voice on the other end, calm and reassuring, greeted them. They detailed the extent of the damage – the missing shingles, the dented gutters, and the potential leaks. Angela listened attentively, providing immediate guidance on the necessary steps.

Parker and Penny's call to Angela promptly set the claims process in motion. Angela gathered essential details about the incident, documented the damages, and initiated the claim on their behalf. This proactive step ensured that Parker and Penny could return to their pre-loss status as swiftly as possible.

Parker and Penny's experience highlights the importance of immediate communication with your agent when facing a claim situation. Angela's quick response sped up the claims process and reassured them that help was coming, giving them peace of mind.

5. 8203A_CFM_How to Contact your Agent_Jan BlogHow to Contact Your Agent

Parker and Penny can contact Angela in the way that makes them feel most comfortable.

  • Phone, Email, or Text
  • In-Person Consultation
  • Policyholder App

CFM Insurance Has An App! [See How Easy It Is To Use]

Prompt action is key for claims. We recommend using the Policyholder App or calling your agent directly to file a claim.

Parker and Penny's experience navigating the storm's aftermath with Angela showcases the pivotal role of this relationship.

Their decision to contact Angela right away showed that this method works well. This highlights how important the agent is in helping policyholders with their claims.

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Lasting Partnerships

Our commitment to being your reliable partner is unwavering. Our agents, like Agent Angela, are here to help with things like bad weather or uncertainties in life.

As you embark on your insurance journey, we invite you to explore the difference a dedicated agent can make. Go to our Find an Agent page to find a local professional to support you throughout your insurance journey.

We don't just insure – we build partnerships that withstand the test of time and weather the storms together.

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