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7 Kid-Approved Super Bowl Party Ideas

Posted by CFM Marketing on 02, Feb 2018
Whether you're a football fan or not, there's no denying how much fun a good Super Bowl party is! Game Day means spending a lazy Sunday afternoon with family and friends, stuffing your face with way too much food, and getting a belly ache from laughing so hard at those infamous commercials (oh, and you get to watch football too). But the fun shouldn't be limited to just adults, let your kids in on the Super Bowl experience this year with these mom-and-dad-manageable party ideas they're sure to love!

1. Dress To Impress

Football image.jpgMake dressing up for the Super Bowl a family affair. Let your kids choose which team they'd like to represent, and go all out with extra accessories to match the apparel like a helmet and cleats, pom-poms, eye black, washable face paint, and temporary hair color. The more decked out they are, the more they'll feel like a part of the party. And don't forget to dress up with them. If you're brave enough, let them paint your face, too!

2. Get Crafty Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 11.55.49 AM.png

Many kids, younger ones especially, won't have the attention span to last the whole game without getting bored. Keep them occupied with a craft table full of fun projects like these.

  • Mini Foam Finger/Mega Phone - Lay out foam sheet #1 finger cutouts and let your kids decorate them with their favorite player's number. For the megaphones, grab large cups with extra decorative materials for them to glue on.
  • Football Themed Sensory Bins - Let the kids dig through team-colored beads, kidney beans, corn kernels, small toy footballs, and more to keep their minds (and hands) active.
  • Football Scarf - Lay out pre-cut strips of old t-shirts in each team's colors and let the kids make their own game day scarves.
  • Mini-Football Goal Posts - Gather up popsicle sticks and paper football cutouts for the kids to create their own football goal posts - touchdown!
  • Football Coloring - Set out some free printable football coloring pages with crayons/markers for the little artists at the party.
  • Q-Tip Game Day Painting - For the more experienced artists, set up a painting area with a container of q-tips. Using the print-out coloring pages, let the kids dip the ends of the q-tips in paint and apply it to the paper, following the outlines, to create colorful football masterpieces.
  • Lego Football - What kid doesn't love Legos? Construct some pre-made football themed creations for them to replicate.

    Let the Games Begin Image.jpg

3. Let The Games Begin

For the party guests who prefer competition instead of crafts, incorporate these super game ideas at your party.

  • Football Toss - Perfect for setting up in the basement or garage, give the kids this corn-hole inspired game that will be played far more than just once a year.
  • Football Memory Matching Game - Have the kids test their memory skills with this fun, printable NFL themed memory game.
  • Football Bingo - This free printable game will keep the kids busy and full on game day.
  • Pin The Football Between The Goal Post - Make your own football themed "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" with a little painter's tape on the wall in goal-post form and cut-out paper footballs. Blindfold the kids, give them a spin, and see who comes closest to scoring a field goal.
  • Super Bowl NFL Team Challenge - Test your little football-lover's knowledge of the league with these fun challenge questions (an answer key is included).
  • Kid-Only Halftime Show - Have someone bring a karaoke machine to the party and let the kids create their own half-time performances. Make it even more fun by having a panel of "judges" rate their performances (American Idol style).

4. Tackle Their AppetiteTackle Their Appetite Image.jpg

Pizza, BBQ, and chips and dip are essential dishes for any super bowl party, but take it up a notch with these treats, sure to please any sweet tooth.

  • Football Oreo Balls - Let your kids pick their favorite flavor of Oreo cookie and ice the finished product in their favorite team's colors.
  • Football Ice Cream Sandwiches - Take wooden spoons and have your kids draw football plays on the ends. Stick the spoons in the bottom of the ice cream sandwich, add a lace outline out of icing, and you've got an instant (and tasty) football treat.
  • Peanut Butter Football Dip - This dip is a peanut butter lover's dream. Top it off with chocolate chips, lay pretzel sticks around it, and watch the kids dip through it all night.
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry Footballs - Kids and adults will enjoy this treat. Mix things up and make a variety of white, dark, and milk chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Football Rice Krispie Treats - Turn your traditional rice krispie recipe into a football masterpiece by adding icing on top and using cocoa krispies for that football color.
  • Half-Time Sundae Station - Set up a self-serve ice cream sundae station for the kids to visit at half-time. Bring out a couple different kinds of ice cream and give them loads of toppings to choose from (you may need to buy extra napkins).

Incorporate a Drink Station Image.jpg

5. Incorporate A Drink Station

We all know adults like to kick back and relax with their favorite beverages on game day, but kids like to drink too! And if there's one thing that drives parents a little bit crazy, it's their kids begging for a drink refill every five minutes (who can relate?).

Quench their thirst for good by incorporating a designated kids-only drink station at your party, stocked with all their favorites - soda, juice, or punch. Let your kids decorate it pre-game day to match your party's football them.

Need some inspiration? Check out this DIY football drink tub.


6. Don't Forget To Decorate 

Only the best parties have decorations, so don't hold back when it comes to yours. Round up the kids and make some fun, DIY decorations like these.

Don't Forget to Decorate Image.jpg

  • Football Paper Chain - Print out a few sheets of a football laces graphic and have your kids cut and glue them together to create a super cool paper chain.
  • Football Banner - Bring out the brown construction paper, draw some football laces in white marker/paint, and cut out whatever shape your kids choose to create a fun banner.
  • Football Field Serving Tray - With a little green chalkboard paint applied to a simple wood plaque, you can create your very own football field serving trey for all your game day treats. Let the kids help by giving them the chalk to draw the yard lines up the board.
  • Football Field Table Cloth - Cut some artificial turf to fit the size of your serving table and use white vinyl tape for the yard lines. Your kids will love this because they can use it year round for playing games on - score!
  • Football Goal Post - Connect several pieces of PVC pipe together, add a little spray paint, prop it upright in a container of rice, and you've got a field goal post perfect for decorating your serving table or for the kids to play with at the game station.
  • Referee Photo Booth - Have a little photo fun at your party with a picture booth backdrop that mimics a referee's shirt. Throw in some fun props for the kids (or adults) to use and your camera roll will be full in no time.
  • Lombardi Trophy Knock-Off - Take a football and hot glue it to a long, rectangular glass vase. Spray paint the whole thing silver for the real trophy look and display it for your guests, big and small, to enjoy.

If you run out of time to take on the above crafts, utilize these free Super Bowl party printable decorations your kids can hang around the house.

7. Prepare Party Favors Prepare Party Favors Image.jpg

Make your super bowl party memorable with some awesome party favors for your littlest guests to take home.

  • Super Bowl Rings - Fill a bowl up with ring pops and have the kids grab one on their way out.
  • Concession Stand Popcorn - Put some buttery popcorn straight from the stadium concession stand (AKA your kitchen) into cups with rounded lids to-go, for a true football game experience.
  • Caramel Apple Footballs - Wrap up caramel covered apples with white lace up icing for a tasty football treat to go.
  • Gatorade To Go - Keep the little football fans hydrated with a goodie bag filled with a bottle of Gatorade, candy, and a small toy football.
  • Penalty Flags - Pass out homemade penalty flags to guests as they leave (make sure you don't throw them like the real referees). For an extra memorable touch, tie on a tag to the flags with your super bowl party name/date, or a catchy slogan like "Good Game" or "Hope You Had a Ball."

We hope your family-friendly Super Bowl party is a touchdown. Enjoy the game!

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