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Apartment Storage Solutions

Posted by CFM Marketing on 20, Oct 2016
closet space

Closet_Space_Blog.pngYou have finally found the perfect apartment. Your new pad has virtually everything on your wish list, from the hardwood floors to the high ceilings. However, your wardrobe demands more than just a small closet space. Instead of trying to figure out how all your attire is going to fit in such a small area, get creative with these apartment storage design tips:

Invest in Command Hooks

After moving into a small apartment, you're forced to think outside of the box when it comes to storage solutions. Think vertical and use command hooks to hang things like headphones, bags, hats and other hair accessories, and jewelry as decorative pieces on the wall.



Corner Clothes Rack = Instant Hanger Space

For more formal items that you don't wish to fold and can't squeeze in your closet, install a clothes rack diagonally across a corner. The only thing you'll need to buy is some hardware. Check out this tutorial from Mint Love Social Club, which shows how to use a reclaimed pipe for storage with an industrial feel.


Image Credit: Mint Love Social Club

Opt for a Wardrobe Instead

If your bedroom has a bare wall that's not getting used, buy a wardrobe or two to create instant, hideaway storage for all your clothes. Apartment Therapy's blog features this sleek wardrobe set-up, courtesy of IKEA.


Image Credit: Made By Girl via Apartment Therapy

DIY Clothes Rack

Give your space added functionality and an industrial feel with a practical freestanding clothes rack, also made from pipes you can purchase at your hardware store. To build this piece, follow these steps, provided by The Glamorous Gleam. DIY-Pipe-Clothing-Rack-1.jpg

Image Credit: The Glamorous Gleam


Stop Folding & Start Rolling

To avoid digging through piles of wrinkly clothes that have been stuffed in your dresser, roll them military-style instead. For step-by-step instructions on how to fold your shirts military-style, check out Snapguide's blog.



Embrace the Space Under Your Bed

Instead of letting dead space under your bed go to waste, utilize it with the help of DIY bed risers. Visit Vanilla Joy's blog post on how to build a DIY bed platform using IKEA shelves.



Image Credit: Vanilla Joy


Use Your Bookshelf as a Bench

Bookshelves have so many uses! This bookshelf bench found on Mommy Vignettes blog uses the exact same concept as the DIY platform bed but turns it into a decorative, useful bench instead. Go to the store and grab  some fabric, foam, and a staple gun to have this piece crafted and sitting stylishly in your apartment in no time. As a bonus, this bench can also act as a storage unit for files or papers.


Image Credit: Mommy Vignettes

Hang Your Linens

If your bathroom lacks a closet for your towels, opt for this vertical linen basket idea on the Making Lemonade Blog, which will save on space and give your walls a decorative flair.


Image Credit: Making Lemonade

Embrace Open Concept

Don't look at limited closet space as a negative thing. The open concept closet has become a trendy staple in today's apartment designs and can be incorporated through many unique designs. Take a look at this blog post from Decoist for some inspiration on how to embrace an open concept closet. (It doesn't get much cooler than using tree branches as clothing racks!)


Image Credit: French by Design via Decoist

Now that your new apartment has reached its full storage potential, make sure your belongings are covered. Contact a CFM agent today for a renters insurance quote!


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