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December 2016 Agency Spotlight: Naught-Naught Agency

Posted by CFM Marketing on 30, Dec 2016

What began as a small family start-up has turned into a thriving multiple-location insurance business across the state known as Naught-Naught Agency. Let's journey back to the beginning, to hear the tale of how this booming insurance entity got its start.Concordia Naught-Naught-701583-edited.jpg

In 1972, brothers, Tom, Rick, and Harry Naught left their hometown of Carrollton, MO, to venture out to the state's capital to start a small insurance agency. Word spread in Jefferson City of their small-town values and genuine interests in their customers, leading to more business opportunities. A larger facility was then opened in Eldon, MO, and as time went on, over ten other Naught-Naught agencies would flourish across the state.

In their own words, the Naught's started with an idea and after much determination, turned it into a reality, producing one of the largest insurance agencies in Missouri.

With more aspirations on the agenda, these men are guided by one goal they've always kept: Continue giving the customer the best service available in the insurance industry.

See what people are saying about Naught-Naught Agency.

"Clear, concise and cheaper! You guys really delivered this year! We appreciate all of the hard work you put into the process to essentially get us better coverage at a slightly lower price. Very much appreciated!"

- Mike Hill, Customer

"I own several rental properties. When it comes to protecting my investments, I only need to make one call and that is to the Naught-Naught Agency. Anytime I need something, I call or email Kathie Redel. She's quick to respond and takes care of any issues for me. I trust Kathie to give me the best coverage at a fair price."

- Sandra Forbis, Customer

"We are so pleased with Leah and her service that she has been able to provide to us upon moving back to the Kansas City area. We called and asked Leah to quote our home and vehicle policies. We were able to change our insurance and even increase our coverages significantly on our auto and home policies and the rate was much lower than the company we switched from. Since we have been with Naught-Naught for about a year, we thought we would give them a chance to quote our life policies as well. Again, we were pleased with the rate and the service that Leah has provided during this transition for our family as well. Thank you Leah and Naught-Naught for the awesome service you have provided to our family."

- Cindy Heathman, Customer & CFM Policyholder

Coverages Naught-Naught Agency Provides

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Restaurant
  • Farm
  • Swine
  • Home Health Care
  • Construction

Do you have insurance needs?

Give Naught-Naught Agency a call at 1.800.392.0423 or visit one of their many locations:

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