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How to Land Your Dream Rental

Posted by CFM Marketing on 07, Apr 2016

ForRent.jpgYou’re new to the rental market, and you’ve spent many weekends looking for the ideal place. You finally find one that’s perfect for you, but ten other people are also waiting to see the property. What can you do to make yourself stand out as the perfect future tenant?

There are several characteristics all landlords look for in a good tenant. If you possess the following traits, a landlord would most likely choose you over other applicants who lack them:


Be Responsible and Show Respect

Make sure you are on time for your appointment to meet the landlord and view the property. If you are going to be running late for any reason, be respectful of their time and schedule by giving them ample notice. These small elements of responsible behavior show a landlord that you can handle larger accountabilities of paying rent on time and maintaining a well-kept property.

Display Stability

Tenants who are able to show that they have a stable income are priceless. Your potential landlord may ask questions that start with "How long?" They'll want to know how long you have been living where you lived, how long you have worked at your current job and your previous job, how long were you at the previous place where you lived, and how often you have moved in the last 2-4 years.

Landlords look for patterns. If you've moved or changed jobs frequently, those may stand out as red flags.

Be Timely

First impressions are everything. If you've rented previously, show a tangible history of on-time payments with past landlords. This lets your future landlord know you are capable of timely payments. And if you have any history of late payments, give a reasonable explanation as to why those payments were late. If you get sick or laid off from work for several weeks and can't pay rent on time, landlords may be willing to negotiate temporary payment options if they are made aware of your situation.

Demonstrate Cleanliness

A good candidate for a rental property will demonstrate cleanliness in their appearances and through their references. All landlords want a tenant who will treat their rental property as if it was their own, keeping it clean on the inside, and taking care of the outside. Your physical appearance can be a good indicator of your cleanliness to a landlord who's never met you.

Reveal Good Reference History

Tenants that have clean track records and strong references are often likely to uphold a good reputation, pay their rent on time, keep the property in good condition and follow the rules. Your potential landlord will check references and listen closely to what other landlords have to say about you. If you have never rented before, use other reliable references such as previous employers, professors, or other professional acquaintances.

Use our CFM Renters Guide for even more information on how to find your dream rental!

CFM Renters Guide

After receiving the good news that you found your dream rental, make sure your possessions are protected. Find your local CFM agent today for a renters insurance quote!

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