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January 2017 Agency Spotlight: S&R Insurance

Posted by CFM Marketing on 27, Jan 2017

Get to know the faces behind the hugely successful insurance agency, S&R Insurance, in St. Robert, MO: Jamey Wilkinson, Jeffrey Kinsley, and owner, Steve Rees.

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S&R Insurance had always been a vision for owner, Steve Rees, so after 18 years as a captive agent, he decided it was time to make his vision a reality. In 2009, Rees opened his own agency to have the freedom of giving his customers more options and better coverage. Soon after opening, Rees brought agent, Jamey Wilkinson, on board to his team, whom he credits for much of his agency's achievement. "I could not have started this business and carried it this far without her. She's been very instrumental in our success." In 2013, they welcomed agent, Jeffrey Kinsley, who has also proven to be a valuable asset to the S&R team.

Assistant Underwriter, Stefanie Belshe, fondly recalls her first year at CFM and working with S&R Insurance:

"When I first started with CFM a year ago, some of my very favorite applications to review were from S&R Insurance. They were so good about placing homes in the correct program, with all the correct information and photos attached. I thought, 'these people really know their stuff!' And if I did call with questions, they were always prompt and exceptional to work with. They have made my first year with CFM very enjoyable and I appreciate all the hard work and effort they put into doing such a great job with every policyholder they help."

CFM's Laura Kiely, works with S&R Insurance almost daily and echoes the same experience as Stefanie:

"Jamey, Jeffrey, and Steve are always a joy to work with. I can be having a bad day, but then I'll get a call from one of them, and automatically my day turns better. They are kind, genuine people who really care about the people they work with."

As his agency continues to grow, Rees wants to make sure his team's purpose, mission, and belief system never wavers. "My belief has always been that everybody sells insurance, but not everybody provides insurance. We strive to provide the best insurance and customer service every day. Those values are what sets us apart from the rest."

Do you have insurance needs in the St. Robert area? Give S&R Insurance a call: 573.336.0088.

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