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Scary Good Halloween Safety Tips

Posted by CFM Marketing on 30, Oct 2018

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It's no secret that aside from Christmas, Halloween is arguably the most anticipated holiday among kids. They spend all year brainstorming what they're going to be, how much candy they're going to consume, and what events they'll get to attend leading up to the spookiest night of the year! Parents, however, don't typically share that same excitement because of the fear factor associated with this notoriously un-safe holiday. Let's make sure both you and your little monsters have a fab-boo-lous night with these helpful safety tips!

Skip The Mask


Yes, masks look cool, but they can make it difficult for your child to see clearly and breathe while they're out running from house to house in search of candy. Instead, get creative with non-toxic face paint to complete your child's costume. Not sure where to start? Here are some DIY Halloween make up ideas you can master easily on the big night.

Rock a Glowstick


Kids love glowsticks every other day of the year, so why not incorporate it into their Halloween costume for safety reasons? Choose matching glowsticks for your kids to wear while they trick-or-treat so you can easily spot them in the trick-or-treating crowds.

Choose Night-Friendly Costumes


The brighter, more vibrant costumes your kids wear on Halloween night, the better. To make them even more visible, place some reflective or fluorescent tape on their candy bags or costumes. This ensures that both you and drivers on the streets can see them at all times. If you're still brainstorming how to make your child's costume dreams come true, check out these incredibly cute DIY costumes you can make with things you already own and without breaking the bank (and don't forget to add reflective tape).

Always Use the Crosswalk


Avoid jaywalking and crossing between parked vehicles on Halloween night as neighborhoods get crowded fast, making it hard for drivers to see your kids. Teach them to hold hands as a group with an adult (you), look both ways, and follow the crosswalks always.

Fire-Proof Your Jack-O-Lanterns


Carving pumpkins is one of the most fun family activities to do for Halloween! And what better way to showcase your creations than lighting it up for visitors to see all night long? Place flameless LED candles in the pumpkins instead of the real deal to avoid fire hazards to your property and its many little visitors.

Hold Off On Eating The Candy


This one is the toughest task to handle on Halloween because all your kids (and you) want to do is dive into all that delicious candy as soon as you return home from trick-or-treating! Before filling up those little bellies with sweets, be sure to pitch anything that looks discolored, torn, or has holes in the wrapper. If you have tiny tots, you might want to steer clear of candies like Gobstoppers or Skittles, which could likely be a choking hazard. Also, pull any candy that could trigger your child's food allergies, like peanut M&Ms.

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