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September 2016 Agency Spotlight: Stonum Insurance Agency

Posted by CFM Marketing on 28, Sep 2016
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Meet the impressive husband-wife duo behind Stonum Insurance agency: Kevin and Diane Stonum.

These two met while attending The University of Missouri and soon after graduation, they married. After settling into married life, Kevin and Diane jumped into the world of insurance and became small business owners, starting their own agency right out of their home in Lathrop, Missouri.

Fast forward 30 years later and this couple has an extremely successful insurance agency, three grown children (along with three fur-babies), and a flourishing family farm. That's right - along with managing an insurance agency, Kevin and Diane also work on a sixth generation family farm in Caldwell County.

Kevin's passion for farming is a long-time coming, as he served nearly a decade on the Caldwell County Farm Service Agency as a board member. With their three sons and Kevin's parents, the Stonums work day-in and day-out on the family farm. Both agree that insuring farms is what they enjoy most because they understand the blood, sweat, and tears that go into operating an entire farm.

Much like their farming efforts, Kevin and Diane say they don't believe in traditional business hours. "Our agency is available on weekends and evenings. In fact, we tell our customers if the phone is ringing, we'll always answer it."

When it comes to doing business with the many carriers they work with, Kevin and Diane explain their good experience with one company in particular. "We believe that CFM has excellent products for all shapes and sizes of farms and we appreciate the support we receive from their staff."

The respect for the Stonums are mutual on CFM's end. CFM Assistant Underwriting Manager, Stefanie Belshe, had kind words to share about this insurance power couple and how they handle business. "Kevin and Diane have been in the insurance business for many years and they know a thing or two about treating their customers well. They are great people who want the very best for their insureds and strive to write the best coverage, on the best policy, for the best price. They come from a small town where insurance and farming go hand in hand and they excel at both."

CFM Director of Operations and Marketing, Brooke Wilkens, also thinks highly of the Stonums, recalling her first time meeting them:

"I walked up to Kevin and Diane's house and this gigantic dog, which I thought was big enough to be a small horse, came running out and scared the daylights out of me! But this huge dog was the biggest teddy bear. Kevin got a kick out of how scared I was. Then, I got to meet their two other tiny dogs (who clearly ran the show over the big one) and I could immediately tell these people love their dogs just as much as they love helping people with insurance. They are the kindest, most genuine people with the biggest soft spots for their customers and I love doing business with them."

Meet the Stonums' dogs: Ace, Sophie, and Allie.


When they aren't busy writing insurance or working on the farm, Kevin and Diane enjoy going to church and supporting community events.

If you're in the Lathrop area and have insurance needs, give Kevin and Diane a call: 816-528-309.

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